A Vision… Dr. Elijah and First Lady Christine Solomon | Houston Business Photographer

Sandy Adams Photography captures the essence of Dr. Elijah Solomon and Christine Solomon at the church they founded… Continue reading

“Thirteen” | Houston Child Photographer

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A Mother’s Pride and Joy… | Missouri City Texas Family Photographer

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Sugar and Spice… | Houston Newborn Photographer

Sandy Adams Photography recently photographed newborn Dakota… Continue reading

A Girl With A “Rock N’ Roll” Attitude | Houston Senior Photographer

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February Newborn… | Houston Newborn Photographer

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2011 Bay Area Go Red For Women Luncheon… | Houston Heart Throb Photographer

Sandy Adams Photography attends the 2011 Bay Area Go Red For Women Luncheon at South Shore Harbour Resort… Continue reading

What is a Heart Throb??? | Houston Fashion Photographer

What exactly is a heart throb?  What do these men have to do with the Go Red For Women Campaign?   And WHY are they “going red”?   ALL excellent questions!

In 2004, the American Heart Association (AHA) faced a challenge. Cardiovascular disease claimed the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year, yet women were not paying attention. In fact, many even dismissed it as an “older man’s disease.” To dispel the myths and raise awareness of heart disease as the number one killer of women, the American Heart Association created Go Red For Women – a passionate, emotional, social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health. [excerpt from Go Red For Women website]

The Bay Area Go Red For Women Luncheon is a special event that incorporates businessmen from the community to help spotlight the Go Red For Women social initiative.   For this year’s luncheon, the committee picked four very different men from different areas of the community to better spread the message.   We have a Landscaper, a Jeweler, a Soldier and a Doctor.   While they are just a small part of this amazing event, these men in their own ways are helping us spread the word to as many women as possible.   After all it does takes a village to get anything great accomplished.

P + D + L … | Houston Family Photographer

Christmas time is about family and a great example of that is the family that I shot on location outside of Franklin, Tennessee.   It was bitter cold when I landed in Nashville on a Monday morning the week of Christmas, but neither the cold nor my lost luggage could dampen my excitement.    I have known the “M” family for 20 years so that made this shoot just a little bit more special.   The family home is just a few miles from Leiper’s Fork and nestled in the foothills of Nashville. Everything about the house evoked Christmas and the warmth of family and that is the primary feeling that I wanted to bring out in the photographs.   P+D+L… Wishes do come true!

Siblings… family fun on the bay | Houston Family Photographer

L & L are bother and sister at an age between childhood and adulthood with sis being just a couple of years older.    I shot them on location on the banks of Galveston Bay in the small “town” of San Leon (home to one of the ZZ Top members) on a warm, sunny Saturday morning.   L & L love to surf and love the outdoors.    My inspiration for the shoot was the famous painting “American Gothic”.  I styled their shoot with that painting in mind then just let the sibling rivalry begin 🙂