3 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

Let’s kick off this week with some LinkedIn talk. So, how do you start to attract some serious attention for your business? (This also works for individuals).

Start with these 3 easy steps 👇🏻.

1️⃣Video, Video, Video: Love it or hate it, video isn’t going anywhere. The popular B2B (busines to business) platform has been openly bullish on video content. If you pay attention to LinkedIn at all, it’s pretty clear the algorithm prioritizes video. Start with a few educational videos. Have some fun with it!

2️⃣Consistency is Key: Come up with a consistent content calendar and stick to it. All too often, companies begin posting, don’t see results and throw in the towel. Don’t be that company.

3️⃣It’s All in the Data: We’re piggybacking off step 2 here. In order to maximize engagement on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to have an understanding of key metrics; post times, most engaging content, competition, etc. According to research, the best times to post on LinkedIn are Wed 3-5pm; Tues 8-10am, Wed 10-12:30, Thurs 12:30 – 3pm.

📷: @selaine_cavanaugh 💁🏻‍♀️

To dive deeper into these 3 steps, please watch the video I put together…