How To Use Facebook Live For Your Business Or Personal Brand

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Facebook Live recording – client location, Glacier Pool Supplies & Spas (Clear Lake)

The invention of the television revolutionized not only political campaigns (helped JFK), but also turned the advertising world on its head.  In the past, companies had used advertising strategically on radio and thru newspapers and those glorious Sear & Roebuck catalogs.  However, when the television era hit us, the advertising world was hesitant and unsure of a medium that they were un familiar with and a new frontier… yes like in Star Trek.

“Set phasers to stun!”

We now know television revolutionized the modern world and how people are marketed to…and we’re in the midst a new digital marketing revolution right now.

Facebook LIVE is that strategic medium that has the power (when used correctly) to really connect with your audience.   Now is the time… will you use Facebook Live as a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal or will you deny the power and insist traditional marketing is still where it’s at?

I hope you embrace this amazing opportunity to grow your business by offering value to your followers, attracting your dream clients, and increasing your sales along the way.  This live broadcast will walk you through step-by-step how to make it happen for your business.