What If? | Planning Your Dreams in 2019

What if I had a million dollars?

What if I could fly to Africa?

What if I changed jobs?

What if I moved to Nashville?

What if…….   So many times, we get lost in our comfortable world that we forget to dream about or even think about what is possible.  I get that!  There was a time that I did not even want to go into a furniture store and look at furniture because I knew I could not afford it, so I told myself what was the point.  But what I was doing was limiting my incentives to even think about the possibility.   This year in 2019, I am making a list and writing down all the “what ifs?” I can think of so that I hopefully can make them a reality or rule them out for something even better.

Switching our mindset around a negative situation is the exact thing that will propel us to receiving the next opportunity.

So, I believe it will all work out in the end. And I hope you do too.  So boo, dream on and dream big.   Ask all those “what ifs?” swirling in your head.

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