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“Choosing the right dominant color for your brand is crucial… The color you choose should set you apart, work with your industry and image, and tie to your brand promise.” – John Williams,

Colors, in your brand images and advertising, is incredibly important to the tone and what customers your attract.  A dominant color is critical to conveying your brand message.  Color stimulates our memory recall and that is a powerful weapon for attracting clients and customers.

When people think of dominant colors, they think of examples as red with Coca Cola or blue as with Pepsi.  But most people do not even consider white as a dominant color, and especially not in their brand message.   The color you choose for your brand can establish you ahead of your competitors.  However, branding specialists will pay close attention to culture, specific situations and your industry to ensure your brand message is right on target.

The color white alludes to simplicity, cleanliness and purity.   A person’s eye sees while as a brilliant color, which immediately catches a person’s eye in any type of signage.

The color white can also help brand your headshot or those of your employees.  Don’t be afraid of white, but instead use it to your advantage.

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