What is Personal Branding ? | Houston League City Business Brand Photographer Educator

What the heck is personal branding?   In today’s market, these two simple words seem to be everywhere.   So let’s dive straight into it.


Personal branding is the means by which people remember you, but it is more than a trademark or logo.    In essence it is how you present yourself online and offline to your potential clients.   Your personal brand helps build your business, but it still revolves around you as an individual.

“According to a Nielsen Consumer Survey, only 33% of buyers trust messages from a brand, while 90% trust messages from an individual they know.  That means that if you’re a business owner, you have a much better chance of winning people’s trust if you bond with them first as a human being and encourage your employees to do the same.” [thebalance.com]


  1. Start thinking of yourself as a brand
  2. Audit your online presence
  3. Secure a personal website
  4. Find ways to produce value
  5. Be purposeful in what you share
  6. Associate with other strong brands
  7. Reinvent

Luca Callini is a NASA engineer, Les Mills US National Trainer and Assessor – BODYPUMP™  and BODYFLOW®, as well as, a Reebok sponsored athlete.  You can catch one of Luca’s Les Mills BODYPUMP™BODYFLOW® or Les Mills Grit fitness classes if you are a member at 24 Hour Fitness in Houston area or an employee at NASA Johnson Space Center (NASA Starport).

Be sure to check out my blog post, “How to Leverage Social Media to Get Hired” and take charge of your future.

If you are interested in one of my social media marketing classes contact me in the contact form below.  I teach one on one classes plus group classes or contact me about speaking at one of your staff training sessions.



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