Personal Branding and the Meaning of Leap Day | League City Clear Lake Social Media Branding Strategist Educator


Me at age 4, but my very first real birthday

So, tonight at midnight, for a split second, February 29th – Leap day, will exist, at least for me.  For most folks, leap day is a day that messes up the calendars (and computer systems), but for me and thousands of others, it is our birthday.  As a child, I was so confused, and for many years was convinced that I was adopted, because my birthday only came around every 4 years.   I always felt like I was missing out on what others had every single year, a birthday on the calendar.  My loving mom always made a day on her calendar for me, so I never felt left out, but still that feeling lingered.

But then as I grew older, I realized that I had something that few people possess… a very unique birthday that actually has the power to keep the calendar in alignment with the Earth’s position in the solar system.  So when I started my photography business I looked for ways that I could set myself apart from other businesses and my very unique birthday was a component of my personal branding strategy that I used to help people remember me.

Building your personal brand as an entrepreneur does not have to be difficult nor should you copy others.   Every person is unique so look for those special qualities that set you apart from other entrepreneurs.  Use your unique qualities to market yourself and leave a lasting impression.


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