What Does 60 Look Like? | Houston League City Clear Lake Friendswood Portrait Photographer

“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Betty Friedan

What does 60 look like?   Jane shows us just how good 60 can look!  A beautiful present for her 60th birthday from her wonderful hubby.
branding-head-shot-league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography7 branding-head-shot-league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography10 branding-head-shot-league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography4branding-head-shot-league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography1-1 branding-head-shot-league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography5-1

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