The “S” Family Portraits ~ Galveston Island Texas | League City Portrait Photographer

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”

It seemed to be the hottest day of the year, yet when we reached the beach near sunset, a refreshing ocean breeze swept up on us.  They laughed, giggled and sloshed in the water along the shore.   It was such an endearing moment to witness the family love and genuine happiness they had in the moment.
league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography3 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography5 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography10 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography1-2 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography11 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography1 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography9 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography8 league-city-houston-clear-lake-portrait-photographer-clear-lake-sandy-adams-photography6

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