Top 5 Reasons For A Bridal Photo Shoot ~ Houston Wedding Photographer

     Separate bridal sessions shot before the actual day of the wedding are very practical.   Most photographers, including myself, actually incorporate a separate bridal session into the wedding photography package as an added bonus.  Below are my top 5 reasons why a bride should definitely take advantage.

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1)  Another chance to wear that really expensive beautiful wedding dress!  Who wants to only wear the most beautiful dress one time – seriously?!

2)  Hair/Makeup – don’t let your wedding day be the first day to try out new makeup and hair style.  A bridal session allows you to see how your makeup will look in all different kinds of light and in the resulting bridal images.  It also allows you to try out your hairstyle and see if there are any issues such as long bangs getting in your eyes or constantly having to move your long hair off your shoulders.  What may look good standing still in a stylist chair, may not work well in the wind or hugging all your guests.

3)  Get comfortable with the photographer 🙂 – bridal sessions are a great way to learn how the photographer works and in turn the photographer learns what you like and don’t like before the big day.

4)  Relaxation – bridal sessions are also a time where everything is about you!  No stress to get to the ceremony, no worries about late guests or missing family members, no frustration with schedule mishaps or details not coming together.  Bridal sessions are all about you and enjoying an afternoon to be pampered and happy.

5)  Beautiful images! – Bridal sessions before the big day allow the photographer more time to capture your true beauty in your wedding gown.   Typically, on the wedding day, unless everything is running on schedule and then some and your built-in extra time, the photographer only has about 30 minutes to 1 hour to get all the bridal party shots, bride/groom shots and family with bride/groom.  That may sound like a lot of time, but not on the wedding day when any little thing can disrupt the schedule and throw everything off.

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