Clear Lake Texas Senior Photographer ~ Chase 2013 Clear Lake HS

     Meet Chase 😉    Chase is a 2013 high school senior and a baseball player… and to top it off, an all around great guy!  I photographed Chase on location at his home and then at his high school baseball field.   Me, his mom and Chase trudged back and forth removing the covering from the pitcher’s mound, but it was a lovely late Sunday afternoon even with the manual labor 🙂


2013-04-04_001 2013-04-04_002 2013-04-04_003 2013-04-04_004 2013-04-04_005 2013-04-04_006 2013-04-04_007 2013-04-04_009 2013-04-04_010 2013-04-04_011 2013-04-04_012 2013-04-04_013 2013-04-04_014 2013-04-04_015 2013-04-04_016

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