Gone Fishing…

Saturday morning was suppose to be bright and sunny here on the banks of Galveston Bay, however, I woke up to intense fog hanging heavy over the water with the sun trying hard to shine through.    At 9am when I met my young subject and his mom, the fog was still incredibly thick.   Sometimes kinks in the plan work out even better than the original intention.   In this case, the fog added a lot of character to the whole experience.    The young boy in the pictures absolutely loves to fish, so much in fact, that his mom has put a limit on his fishing time because he catches so many that they are having to give the fish away.    This morning in particular, he was very happy to just stand and “pretend” to fish as I snapped away.

One thought on “Gone Fishing…

  1. Absolutely amazing. Such talent and sharp eye for innocence, beauty, and tender moments.

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